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You can build Bazel from source without using an existing Bazel binary.

1. Install the prerequisites

Ensure you have installed:

zip, unzip

C++ build toolchain

JDK 8. You must install version 8 of the JDK. Versions other than 8 are not supported.

JDK 8.

Python . Versions 2 and 3 are supported.


For example on Ubuntu Linux you can install these requirements using the following command:

Vneck flared dress Grey Peter Cohen OZi0XWHavU

The required MSYS2 packages. Run the following command in the MSYS2 shell:

The required MSYS2 packages.

The Visual C++ compiler. Install the Visual C++ compiler either as part of Visual Studio 2015 or newer, or by installing the latest Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 .

The Visual C++ compiler.

Python . Versions 2 and 3 are supported. You must install the Windows-native version (downloadable from ). Versions installed via pacman in MSYS2 will not work.

Download bazel-<version> from the Lexikon Oxford shoes Metallic Officine Creative Nu6ztuX

Note: There is a single, architecture-independent distribution archive. There are no architecture-specific or OS-specific distribution archives.

single, architecture-independent

We recommend to also verify the signature made by our release key 48457EE0.

The distribution archive contains generated files in addition to the versioned sources, so this step cannot be short cut by checking out the source tree.

On Unix-like systems such as Ubuntu Linux or macOS, do the following:

Open a shell or Terminal window.

Change into the directory where you unpacked the distribution archive.

Run the compilation script: bash ./ .

The compiled output is placed into output/bazel . This is a self-contained Bazel binary, without an embedded JDK. You can copy it to a directory in the PATH variable (such as /usr/local/bin on Linux) or use it in-place.

Open the MSYS2 shell.

Set the following environment variables:

BAZEL_SH : Set to the path of the MSYS2 bash.exe .

Do not set this to C:\Windows\System32\bash.exe . (You have that file if you installed Windows Subsystem for Linux.) Bazel does not support this version of bash.exe .

PATH : Add the Python directory.

JAVA_HOME : Set to the JDK directory.

For example (using BAZEL_V S ):

or (using BAZEL_V C ):

Fig. 3.

BFA, Tg and Tm differentially induce UPR target genes in the liver. (A) qPCR analysis of , , and in cDNA from dissected livers of 5-dpf larvae treated with DMSO, 1 μg/ml BFA, 0.75 μM Tg and 1 μg/ml Tm. The fold change relative to DMSO is plotted with error bars indicating the standard error; =13 for DMSO, 10 for Tm, 8 for Tg and 6 for BFA. (B) Liver protein lysates from larvae treated as in A were immunoblotted with anti- and anti- as a loading control. Band intensities were assessed, normalized to the loading control and plotted with error bars indicating the standard error; =2. (C) Heat map of UPR target gene expression in the livers of larvae treated as in A with genes in columns and individual clutches of fish in rows. Red correlates with +Log 2 fold changes and blue correlates with −Log 2 fold changes, which are normalized across each column. Unsupervised clustering revealed three major UPR subclasses termed homeostatic, intermediate and stressed. Brackets reflect the results of unsupervised clustering of the genes and samples. *<0.05, **<0.01, ***<0.001, calculated using paired Wilcoxon test.

We thus expanded the qPCR analysis to include eight markers of UPR induction across multiple batches of fish treated with each stressor and controls. The unsupervised clustering of this expression data shown in the heat map in Fig. 3C reveals three distinct groups (i.e. subclasses) of gene expression patterns. The first group is predominated by Tm samples (red) and displayed high upregulation of all UPR target genes. A related subcluster contained most of the Tg samples (orange), which displayed high upregulation of all genes, except atf4 . Together, we designate this subclass as stressed UPR. A second subclass was dominated by DMSO-treated samples (light blue), where all genes were expressed at the lowest levels. We designate this as homeostatic (or baseline) UPR. A co-clustering branch was populated by samples from all categories, including most BFA samples (green), and showed a heterogeneous expression profile where some genes were highly expressed in most samples (i.e. edem1 and xbp1t ) and others were expressed at low levels ( bip ). We termed this an intermediate subclass. These findings argue against the concept that the UPR functions as a rheostat, whereby the entire pathway is dialed up and down in sync. Instead, it suggests that different types of secretory pathway stress elicit distinct UPR subclasses in the liver. This is similar to the different ‘states’ that have been described using computational modeling of the UPR ( TROUSERS Casual trousers Trs Jolie nLVm7Ji

We hypothesized that the different UPR subclasses identified above are related to the differential ability of each stressor to induce steatosis. However, it is also possible that the distinct cellular defects induced by each stressor could dictate the outcome separately from their effects on the UPR. To differentiate between these possibilities, we used a range of concentrations of a single stressor (Tm) and assessed UPR activation and steatosis.

Hi Justin, I wanted to know whether I can make changes in the parameters passed in the _.GIF request. I need to append mobile numbers at the end of my URL. I there any other way so that i can pass the mobile number to the _.GIF request. Thank you, Rijesh

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@Brendan: To some extent we need to maintain the status quo as to maintain user sanity. With some many people using analytics any change to metrics calculations can be very disrupting. I completely agree that we need to be forward looking, and we are on many issue, but we also need to maintain user sanity. Don’t worry, this conversation is ongoing.

@Jeffery: I’ll see if I can put together a post of geo-data.

@Ram: If a visitor leaves from Page 3, and there is no event on Page 3, then there is no Time on Page calculation for page 3. But GA will calculate time on site based on when Page 1 loads to when Page 3 loads.

@Subhash: Time calculations are a gateway. They’re a way for people that have no other way to measure engagement, to measure engagement. So if I’m a publisher, or if I’m measuring a support site, I need something to start measuring how people use the site. At the very least, the actionability should be to drive more detailed measurement.

All great comments, thank you.


Andrea says

Hi, thanks for the guide.

how about if i want to track time on a external page to track a video duration?

so, for example, if i do

[‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-xxxxxxx-1′], [‘_setDomainName’, ‘’], [‘_trackPageview’, ‘/fakePage.html’]

and every minuts :

[‘_setAccount’, ‘UA-xxxxxxx-1], [‘_setDomainName’, ‘’], [‘_trackEvent’, ‘manualEvent’, ‘timeKeep’]

it will works?


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@Andrea: Hmmmm. Well, if you are trying to track something on an external page then you need to place the code on the external page. If you can do that, then you can execute a series of event every few minutes or seconds, to track the visitor’s activity. But you need to be able to monitor what’s happening on that external site.


andrew says

The constructor functions have a static method called extend used to declare Objective-C subclasses from JavaScript.


To implement a protocol use the extend method on an Objective-C class, the implemented protocols are provided in the extend arguments.

The extend method has the following usage:

var <DerivedClass> = <BaseClass>.extend(classMembers, [nativeSignature]);

The properties of the classMembers argument define the instance class members:

There are three type of methods, which can be contained in this object - base class overrides, native visible methods and pure JavaScript methods. The difference between native visible and pure Javascript methods is the that later are only accessible in your JavaScript code. Should you want the method to be visible and callable from the native libraries, you should provide a second parameter to extend . This parameter should provide the needed additional metadata about the method signature.

For more information how Objective-C method names are mapped to JavaScript property names check the Washedleather Derby Shoes Mars IjUfYeq

To override Objective-C properties you have to use JavaScript getters/setters (ECMA 5). If the property isn't read-only, you have to override both the getter and the setter.

This parameter of extend is set as prototype to the instances created by the constructor. You shouldn't reuse it for other extend calls.

The nativeSignature argument is optional, it has the following properties:

protocols exposedMethods

The exposedMethods property defines the Objective-C signatures of new methods, this is usually required from delegates and APIs that expect target with selector pairs. Methods that are overridden will infer their signatures from the base class or protocols they implement.

NOTE: When exposing a new method to the Objective-C runtime (as opposed to overriding an existing method), its name in both the classMembers object and exposedMethods object has to be the exact same string. This string is also used as the selector of the method in Objective-C.

The native method signature object has two properties:

returns params

The type object in general is one of the Leggings with Fluted Flare Hem Black Asos Petite Bt0VHNU

Calls to native base class methods in overrides are in the form:

<BaseTypeName>.prototype.<MethodName>.apply(this, arguments);


Getting or setting properties using the base getters and setters is possible through the super property.

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