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A dict of additional options passed to the underlying transport.

See your transport user manual for supported options (if any).

Example setting the visibility timeout (supported by Redis and SQS transports):

Default: since 4.0 (earlier: pickle).

Result serialization format.

See Serializers for information about supported serialization formats.

Default: No compression.

Optional compression method used for task results. Supports the same options as the setting.

Default: Expire after 1 day.

Time (in seconds, or a timedelta object) for when after stored task tombstones will be deleted.

A built-in periodic task will delete the results after this time ( celery.backend_cleanup ), assuming that celery beat is enabled. The task runs daily at 4am.

A value of None or 0 means results will never expire (depending on backend specifications).


For the moment this only works with the AMQP, database, cache, and Redis backends.

When using the database backend, must be running for the results to be expired.

Default: Disabled by default.

Enables client caching of results.

This can be useful for the old deprecated ‘amqp’ backend where the result is unavailable as soon as one result instance consumes it.

This is the total number of results to cache before older results are evicted. A value of 0 or None means no limit, and a value of will disable the cache.

Disabled by default.

To use the database backend you have to configure the result_backend setting with a connection URL and the db+ prefix:


Please see Supported Databases for a table of supported databases, and Connection String for more information about connection strings (this is the part of the URI that comes after the db+ prefix).

To specify additional SQLAlchemy database engine options you can use the sqlalchmey_engine_options setting:

Default: Disabled by default.

Short lived sessions are disabled by default. If enabled they can drastically reduce performance, especially on systems processing lots of tasks. This option is useful on low-traffic workers that experience errors as a result of cached database connections going stale through inactivity. For example, intermittent errors like can be fixed by enabling short lived sessions. This option only affects the database backend.

When SQLAlchemy is configured as the result backend, Celery automatically creates two tables to store result meta-data for tasks. This setting allows you to customize the table names:

Fig. 2.

PI3K/AKT regulation of mESC and hESC pluripotency. PI3K/AKT can be activated by insulin and IGF1 in both mESCs and hESCs, which maintains pluripotency through inhibition of MEK/ERK signalling. In mESCs, PI3K/AKT may also be activated by the LIF/JAK pathway to inhibit GSK3 signalling in addition to inhibition of MEK/ERK. Inhibition of GSK3 attenuates the β-catenin-mediated TCF3 repression of pluripotent genes, thus promoting pluripotency. In hESCs, PI3K is activated by an endogenous peptide ELABELA (ELA) in addition to insulin/IGF1. This may have a positive effect on GSK3 through the inhibition of MEK/ERK, thereby inhibiting nuclear translocation of β-catenin and enhancing pluripotency (see text for details). Green arrows represent activation, red arrows represent inhibition. Dashed arrows represent non-canonical induction by other pathways. IR, insulin receptor.

The mechanisms by which PI3K regulates pluripotency remain somewhat elusive. In mESCs, increasing evidence suggests that PI3K promotes the retention of ESC properties mainly through the inhibition of two downstream pathways: the mitogen-activated protein kinases/extracellular signal-regulated kinase (MAPK/ERK) pathway and the GSK3 signalling pathway. This is consistent with the finding that PI3K signalling is dispensable in naive mESC 2i culture conditions in which both MAPK/ERK and GSK3 pathways are suppressed ( Hishida et al., 2015 ). Active MAPK/ERK signalling is a key requirement for mESCs to undergo differentiation ( Ying et al., 2008 ); thus, inhibition of MAPK/ERK signalling by LIF-induced PI3K may contribute to the maintenance of pluripotency even though the exact mechanisms by which PI3K inhibits MAPK/ERK are unclear ( Splendid Woman Striped Slub Cotton And Modalblend Jersey Mini Dress Navy Size XL Splendid iG7Szi
). With respect to the inhibition of GSK3 signalling, several reports have shown that PI3K signalling inhibits GSK3α/β activity by phosphorylating the S21/S9 residue via AKT activation in mESCs, which leads to the upregulation of pluripotent transcription factors TBX3 and NANOG that subsequently promote pluripotency in these cells ( 7 For All Mankind Woman Faded Midrise Slimleg Jeans Dark Denim Size 24 7 For All Mankind LSrTo
; Niwa et al., 2009 ; Wray et al., 2011 ). However, the exact underlying mechanisms remain ambiguous, particularly regarding the involvement of β-catenin. Wellham and colleagues have shown that inactivation of GSK3 by inhibition of PI3K has no clear effect on β-catenin phosphorylation, indicating that the effect of PI3K signalling on TBX3 and NANOG in mESCs could be through β-catenin-independent mechanisms ( Paling et al., 2004 ). However, a more recent study using chemically defined culture media combined with genetic approaches has revealed that enhancement of NANOG expression by GSK3 inhibition results from the alleviation of TCF3 repression, which is largely mediated through β-catenin, although independent of its transcriptional activity and even though β-catenin is not essential for the maintenance of pluripotency ( Wray et al., 2011 ).

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